Articles in Religious Festivals, Ceremonies & Rituals for Trongsa

Lha Bon

History Lha Bon, an ancient ritual offering and invocation, used to be practiced by people of several villages under Trongsa […]

Trongsa Tshechu

Location The festival takes place in Trongsa Choekhor Rabtentse Dzong, which is located on a spur above the gorge of […]

Tshepamey Wang

Description There are many different kinds of blessings in Bhutan, and the one which is very popular in Trongsa is […]

Trongsa Drupchen

Description The three-day annual Gonpo Drupchen is performed in Trongsa Dzong. The purpose of the ritual of Gonpo Drupchen is […]

Hewang Thran ཧེ་དབང་ཕྲན།

History To date, there seems to be no texts regarding the origin of Hewang Thran, celebrated every year on the […]

Janggola Dralha Solkha གྱང་གོ་ལའི་དགྲ་ལྷ་གསོལ་ཁ།

History Festivals that resemble Janggola Dralha Solkha are celebrated all over central and eastern Bhutan, in various forms and under […]

Korphu Drup སྐོར་ཕུག་སྒྲུབ།

History No authentic texts have been found thus far regarding the origin of the Korphu religious festival, but according to […]

Mangde Azhang Solkha མང་སྡེ་ཨ་ཞང་གསོལ་ཁ།

History Festivals that resemble Mangde Azhang Solkha are celebrated all over central and eastern Bhutan in various forms and under […]

Nabji Drup མནའ་འབོད་སྒྲུབ།

History Although there seems to be no specific text about the origin of the Nabji Drup, according to Lam Chimi […]