Articles in Monasteries & Temples for Trongsa

Tangsibji Lhakhang

Description Tangsibji Lhakhang is located below the Tangsibji village, which lies just below the central highway from Wangdue Phodrang to […]

Taktse Lhakhang

Description   Taktse Village is located 23 kilometers away from Trongsa Dzong, towards Zhemgang and Gelephu and it is reachable […]

Dhaba Zhabje Lhakhang

Description Dhaba Zhabje lhakhang is located in Dhaba village, which is 13 kilometers from the nearest paved road. The village […]

Samten Choeling Temple

Description Samten Choeling Temple is located just above Bji village in Trongsa district. Bji village is approximately a half an […]

Chakharzur Lhakhang

Description Chakharzur Lhakhang is located below the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway, just below the Karma Drupde Pelmo Chokyi Dingkha nunnery. It is […]

Tshangkha Lhakhang

Description Tshangkha Lhakhang is located on the Thimphu-Trongsa highway in Tshangkha village, which is about a 45-minute drive from Trongsa […]

Khomling Lhakhang

Description Khomling Lhakhang is located in Taktse village, which is about 23 kilometers south of the main town of Trongsa […]

Tudrak Gonpa

Description Tudrak Gonpa is located on the top of a mountain, which is covered in dense forest. It takes around […]

Wenkhar Lhakhang

Description Wenkhar Lhakhang is located 70 kilometers away from Trongsa town, towards Zhemgang on the Trongsa-Gelephu Highway. It is a […]

Raphel Lhakhang (Pal Sangchen Ugyen Tsuglag khang)

Description Raphel lhakhang is located in Samchoeling village, which is a drive of approximately one and a half hours from […]

Dangdung Yulsar Lhakhang

Description Dangdung Lhakhang lies above the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway, and on the left side of the Mangdechu. It is approximately a […]

Baling Lhakhang

Description Baling Lhakhang is a community-owned temple located above the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway near Koshila. It is about 83 km from […]

Yueling Namgyel Choling Lhakhang

Description Yueling Namgyel Choling Lhakhang is located in Yueling Village, which is a thirty-minute walk from the Sherubling Higher Secondary. […]

Sinphu Guru Lhakhang

Description The temple, a small one-story stone and wooden house, is located at the top of Sinphu village. The village […]

Tatsherla Nagtshang (rTa Tsher La Snag Tshang)

Description The Tatsherla Nagtshang is located five kilometers away from the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway in Langthel gewog. A feeder road connects […]

Bayling Lhakhang

Description The temple is located in Bayling village, about 23 kilometers south of the main town of Trongsa towards Zhemgang. […]

Dungbi Lhakhang

Description The temple is located in Tashi Dingkha village, which is about 23 kilometers south of the main town of […]

Gagar Lhakhang

Description  Gagar Lhakhang (temple) is located northwest of Trongsa town, about 18 km from Trongsa’s Sherubling Higher Secondary School. The […]

Bonbji / Bemji Choje Nagtshang

Description The three-storey Bonbji Choje Nagtshang (a building traditionally belonging to rulers or religious leaders and their lineage) is located […]

Samcholing Lhakhang

Description Samcholing Lhakhang (temple) is located in Samcholing village, Trongsa. The village lies above the Trongsa–Gelephu highway, to which it […]

Nyala Ogyen Dargay Choling

Description Nyala Ogyen Dargay Choling temple is located in Nyala village which sits at an elevation of 2809 m approximately […]

Gagar Lhakhang

Description Gagar Lhakhang (temple) is located northwest of Trongsa town, about 18 km from Trongsa’s Sherubling Higher Secondary School. The […]

Dungbe Lhakhang / Gonpa

Description Dungbe Lhakhang is a privately owned temple located above Tshangkha Primary School at an elevation of 2498 m. The […]

Phuntsho Choling Gonpa

Description Phuntsho Choling Gonpa sits at an elevation of 3100 m and is a three hour walk (approximately 6 kms) […]

Sinphu Samten Tsemo Lhakhang

Description སྲིན་ཕུ་བསམ་གཏན་རྩེ་མོ་གི་ལྷ་ཁང་འདི་ ཐོག་ཚད་གཉིས་ཡོདཔ་དང་། གཡས་གཡོན་གྱི་ཟུར་གཉིས་ལས་མར་འཁྱམས་ར་ཐོག་ཚད་གཉིས་ཅན་རེ་སྦེ་ ད་རེས་ནངས་པ་གི་འབྲུག་པའི་སློབ་གྲྭ་གི་བཟོ་རྣམ་བཟུམ་ཅིག་ཡོད། འདི་ཡང་ ཀྲོང་གསར་སྦྱི་ཟམ་ལས་ ཆུ་ཚོད་གཉིས་དེ་ཅིག་སོ་ནམ་ཞིང་ལམ་བརྒྱུད་དེ་འགྱོཝ་ད་ སྲིན་ཕུ་གཡུས་ཀྱི་རི་མགོ་ལུ་ས་ཆ་གདིང་གཤོང་ཆུང་ཀུ་ཅིག་ཡོད་མི་འདི་ཁར་ཆགས་ཏེ་ཡོདཔ་ཨིན། Sinphu Samten Tsemo Lhakhang (temple) is a two-storey stone and wooden […]

Lingtoe Lhakhang

Description Lingtoe Lhakhang (temple) is beautifully located on the top of a hill in Dangdung village in Langthel gewog, Trongsa district. […]

Drangon (Drangla) Samten Choling Gonpa

Description Drangon Samten Choling Gonpa (monastery) is located at 2582m and is surrounded by mountains and few homes. It is […]

Tashi Choling Gonpa ( Drametang lhakhang)

Description Tashi Choling Gonpa, commonly known as Drametang Lhakhang, is located near the village of Samcholing, which is 27 km […]

Sherling Lhakhang

Description Sherling Lhakhang is located in Sherling village, Langthel gewog, which is about 53 km south of Trongsa town toward […]

Terdrag / Terbrag Lhakhang

Description Terdrag Lhakhang is located approximately 3 hours by foot from Namthir village, which is 55 km from Trongsa town […]

Kuelbung Gonpa

Description Kuelbung Gonpa is located in Namthir village, which is about 4 kilometers above the Trongsa–Gelephu highway and 55 kms […]

Dozhong Gonpa (also called Dorji Gonpa)

Description Dozhong Gonpa (temple) is a modest two-storey traditional building located in Dozhong village, just above the Trongsa–Bumthang highway, approximately […]

Jangchup Peling Gonpa (also Drengzhing Lhakhang or Bongzam Lhakhang)

Description Jangchup Peling Gonpa, locally known as Drengzhi or Bongzam Lhakhang, stands at 2156 m above sea level and is […]

Lhundup Chodarling Lhakhang

Description Lhundup Chodarling Lhakhang is located in Korphu village, approximately a one hour drive from Riwo Tala on the Trongsa–Zhemgang […]

Nabji Lhakhang

Description Nabji Lhakhang’s name comes from nἁboed (མནའ་འབོད), which means “taking an oath.” Long ago in this location King Sindha […]

Nimzhong Lhakhang

Description Nimzhong Lhakhang is located in Nimzhong village, approximately a half hour drive from Riwo Tala on the Trongsa–Zhemgang Highway. […]

Tashi Choling Lhakhang

Description Tashi Choling Lhakhang is located just below the Trongsa–Thimphu highway in Tashiling village in the Tangsibji gewog of Trongsa […]

Drangla Lhakhang Nyingpa

Description Drangla Lhakhang Nyingpa, locally known as Drangla Gonpa, is a privately owned temple approximately 45 km from Trongsa town. […]

Mendre Togchhung Lhakhang

Description Mendre Togchhung Lhakhang (temple) in Dzongthang village is an approximately two hour drive from Trongsa. The village is entrenched […]