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Specificities of Dzongs and Palaces in Bumthang

According to tradition, Bumthang was one of the valleys where the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo (7th c.) built one temple, […]

Domkar Palace

Description Domkhar dzong/palace is located just above the village of Domkhar (cf. Domkhar tsechu) on the left bank of the […]

Prakhar Palace

Description Prakhar, or Pra, is a picturesque village in the Chhume valley, perched on a small plateau located at the […]

Specificities of Monasteries and Temples in Bumthang

Monasteries (gonpa) are made up of several buildings, including monks’ quarters, study rooms, meditation retreats, kitchen and one or more […]

Gaden Lhakhang

Description This temple looks like a big stone house with a chorten and a prayer wall nearby. History The story […]

Sarmet Lhakhang

Description This temple is a small village temple, at the bottom of a rock. History It might have been built […]

Narut Lhakhang

Description This temple is a small village temple, at the bottom of a rock and is not in very good […]

Kunzangdra Gonpa

Description Apart from Pema Lingpa’s living quarters which are now the gonkhang, the temple of the protective deity Gonpo Maning, […]

Thowadra gonpa

Description Thowadra ‘s position is spectacular and similar to Taktsang in the Paro valley. It is made of a main […]

Tag Rimocen Lhakhang

Description This temple is built at the foot on a cliff or rock which has numerous marks which looks like […]

Namkhai (Chutoe) Lhakhang

History The founder of the temple is a lama from central Tibet, Namkhai Samdrup, of the Shangpa Kagyu tradition who […]

Langmalung Lhakhang

Description The temple is on the right bank of the Tang river, 10 mns walk from the end of the […]

Choejam Lhakhang

Description The temple is in the middle of the village of Choejam above the village of Kyizum on the left […]

Wangdu Choling Palace

Description At the altitude of 2600 meters, Wangdu Choling is located 1 km to the north-east of Jakar dzong slightly […]

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  • About Bumthang

    • Bumthang

      Bumthang is the name given to the area encompassing four valleys: Chhume, Chhoekhor, Tang and Ura. Their altitudes vary from […]