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Introduction to Religious Festivals, Ceremonies & Rituals in Bumthang

Almost each village in Bumthang has its religious festival and the date varies slightly in the Western calendar as Bhutanese […]

Jachung Michung

Jachung Michung is a very unusual religious dance which is performed only in two places in Bumthang, one of them […]

Nyimalung Tsechu

This festival takes places from the 8th to the 10th day of the 5th Bhutanese month (June or July), which […]

Prakar Durchoe

The Durchoe, religious festival of Prakhar village is sponsored by the noble family and the village of Prakar. It celebrates […]

Specificities of Cuisine in Bumthang

Bumthang cuisine is traditionally characterised by the use of buckwheat and wheat, which formed the staple diet as rice did […]

Apple juice

Bottled apple juice was started in Bumthang in the 1970s by Fritz Maurer, a Swiss man settled in Bumthang.

Alcoholic drinks

Any kind of grain is used to make alcohol, wheat, barley, millet, rice, maize or buckwheat depending on the region. […]

Fruit Brandy

Producing Fruit brandies resembling schnapps was started in Bumthang in the 1970s by Fritz Maurer, a Swiss man settled in […]

White Beer

The production of a white beer (weiss bier) called Red Panda was started in Bumthang in the late 1990s by […]

Dongo / Chokdan

A kind of buckwheat polenta, made by pouring buckwheat flour into hot water. It is eaten with butter, salt, chillies, […]


Flat pancakes made of sweet or bitter buckwheat without any yeast and cooked on a griddle. Eaten with butter, salt, […]


Buckwheat noodles made in the households and served with Sichuan pepper (thinye), chilies, and sometimes whey. Can be eaten cold.

Bumthang Cheese

The production of two kinds of European style cheese, Emmenthal and Gouda, was started in Bumthang in the 1970s by […]


Honey harvesting was introduced in Bumthang in the 1980s by Fritz Maurer. Bumthang honey is much sought after.


Flat wheat noodles, resembling tagliatelli, and flavored with a mixture of Sichuan pepper (thinye) and chillies.


Thukpa is a hearty wheat noodle soup in which vegetables or meat is added. Thukpa is a hearty wheat noodle […]


There are no rice dishes which are the speciality of Bumthang as traditionally Bumthang did not grow rice, because of […]

Thangbi Mani

Article in progress

Tang Namkha Lhakhang Rabney

This  three-day annual ritual commemorates the founding of Namkha lhakhang (Tang valley, Bumthang) by Lama Namkha Samdrup, hence the name […]

Domkhar Tsechu

It takes place at Domkhar Lhundrup Choling temple in the village of Domkhar. The three- day festival starts on the […]

Ashi Lhamo

Ahsi means “older sister” and Lhamo is “Goddess” This ritual is very unique because it is performed only by women […]

Tangsibi Mani

Description Bumthang district is well-known for its many historical and religious sites that are ancient and sacred. Many different religious […]

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      Bumthang is the name given to the area encompassing four valleys: Chhume, Chhoekhor, Tang and Ura. Their altitudes vary from […]